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BLS is proud to introduce our new safe technician, Craig Robinson (contact at craigr@banklockservice.com). Craig has been with the company 2 years. Craig started in his finial year of high school with a passion to learn this trade. Craig has gone on with education in college (first year), Lock & safe classes for certifications, Master keying, Best keying, GSA X-10 safe locks and working full time. Craig is looking forward to being a member of ALOA. Here Craig is opening a NCR SelfServ 34 ATM safe, the original lock quite working. Just another day at BLS.

Modular vault panels are constructed of high strength concrete and steel. Modular vaults are more cost effective than poured in place vaults and can be expanded or relocated if it becomes necessary.

Fortis vault doors combine the ultimate in security with the beauty of contemporary styling. Attractive stainless exterior covers a high strength concrete and steel core panel. 

BLS sells & installs Round vault Door

VSI is re-introducing the beloved Round Vault Door, long the world symbol for security. The styling and workmanship of the early 20th Century has returned with increased security, lower overall weight and the features required today for personal safety.

 With the advancements in metallurgy and composite materials over the last century, VSI has designed the door to meet a U.L. Class III rating with the use of Hercvlite, modern day metals, a superior locking system and a flat-sill entry. In addition, an emergency inside release is offered as required in the world market.

Unlike the early 20th Century doors where a mass of ore was the deterrent for burglary protection, the VSI door relies on U.L.-tested and VSI-designed 8-inch thick Hercvlite material for the barrier. This effectively provides a barrier to meet the tools of today that are far superior to the tools of the early 20th Century. Also, Hercvlite greatly reduces the weight.

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​Modular Vault & vault door

Bank Lock Service,​ services all vault doors, locks & time clocks. You should check your clocks once a month to see if the clocks wind down at the same time. If they wind down at different times they may need to be cleaned. Remember it takes all clocks to lock the door and one to open. Lock outs are caused by broken & dirty clocks.

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Financial equipment product line:

  • Modular vaults
  • Vault doors
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Bulk lockers
  • Teler lockers
  • TL-15 & TL-30 safes 
  • Night deposits, letter & bag
  • Drive-up tube systems
  • Drive-up audio systems
  • Teller cash drawer systems
  • Electronic safe locks