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46 years of locksmith, safe, financial equipment & bank lock service in Wisconsin. After 8 years of service & installation with a very well known lock & safe company in Milwaukee, I started Warner Safe in 1978. Working throughout the midwest, Warner Safe developed a strong customer satisfaction experience which continues today through our associates. 

                                                                                                                                                  Rick Warner

Warehouse address:

Bank Lock Service

 Warner Safe Lock

4811 w. Woolworth ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53218

 rick.warner@warnersafe.com   414.803.4043

Locksmithing Product & Services

    • ​​Master key systems
      • High security keys
    • Electronic & manual locks, single & multi-code
      • ​Safe doors & lockers
      • security teller & vault room door
    • Electric strikes & magnetic locks
      • ​Surface & mortise mounted
      • Multi-voltage operated
    • Door hardware
      • Panic bars, manual & electric operated
      • Door closers, manual & electric operated   
      • Lever & paddle release handles
      • Deadbolt & latch locks, serviced & installed  

Security today: Flashy cards, Fobs, phone apps, bright lights. Electrical locks, bolts, magnets. Security systems with mind boggling programs and impressive apps. Engineers work feverishly around the world at fantastic fortune 500 companies designing, testing and manufacturing computerized electronic security systems of all flavors, costing billions of dollars all for top level security. The redundancy of these super impressive high level integrated security systems is well redundant. Never forget when all systems fail, your safeman & locksmith is your final line of defense, mechanical locks work!

Quote Rick Warner, Warner Safe Lock December 2016

Service/Installation associate needed:
Bank Lock Service is looking for individuals with some experienced in financial equipment service & installation, or locksmithing & safe servicing.  Experience in facilities maintenance and light construction is a plus.  Bank Lock Service sells and services a verity of security bank equipment (electronic & mechanical).  Some experience in the following areas is desired; Locksmithing, safe & vault service, alarm systems, camera systems, card access, machine shop experience, welder/fabrication, equipment moving. If you’re up for challenging work, for consideration please send information about yourself to Warner Safe Lock P.O. Box 131 Butler WI. 53007 or email to rick.warner@warnersafe.com. Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you. 

All information is confidential.  

We are proud to be a member of ALOA  &  FSPA

Mail to:

Bank Lock Service

Warner Safe Lock

P.O. Box 131

Butler, WI 53007

Financial Equipment Product 

  • ​​Vault doors & modular vaults
    • ​Rectangular & round vault doors
    • Custom vault sizes, class 1,2,3,m
  • Safe deposit box nests
    • 3x5, 5x5,3x10,5x10,10x10 & large lockers
  • Night depositories 
    • UL deposit head, envelope & bag drop
    • Standard & custom size deposit safe, TL-15 & TL-30
  • Cash Safe TL-15, TL-30, TL-30x6
    • Standard & custom sizes
    • Standard & custom interiors
  • Drive up deal drawers​
    • Audio systems
    • Drawer heaters
  • Drive up windows
    • standard sizes 3x5, 3x10, 3x15, custom upon request
  • Drive up tube systems
    • Up send & down send
    • New installations & replacements systems

Financial equipment services

  • Vault door service
    • Cleaning & polishing
  • Safe deposit box service
    • ​Opening & repair
    • Replacement locks
    • Guard key matching
    • Cleaning & polishing
  • Lock & time clock service
    • ​Three & four tumbler lock service
    • Combination changes
    • Time lock movement service, cleaning & repair
  • Drive up equipment service
    • ​Replacement parts & repair
    • Cleaning & polishing
  • Night deposit service
    • Remove jamb from deposit head
    • ​Clean & polish deposit head