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Safe deposit lock opening and repair. 

There are basically two types of safe deposit box openings, both usually but not always require drilling of the lock nose or drilling the door.

#1 the older obsolete locks require the door to be drilled then the lock picked. The repair varies and so does the cost. If you have old obsolete safe deposit boxes with locks missing or damaged call me I can help. I am very experienced in opening and repair of old safe deposit boxes. I possible install new style locks in place of the old lock.

#2 newer safe deposit lock are called through away locks, the noise is drilled and pulled. The guard tumblers are reused or the lock is resettable to your guard. Many new locks can be picked with our special tools leaving the door & lock with no expensive repair costs. 

Over 38 years of Bank Lock Service in Wisconsin

Safe deposit box openings start at $ 90.00 each, quantity pricing available.

 Do you have safe deposit box doors that look like the one to the right, with holes not plugged or plugs that have not been finished.

 If you are not satisfied with the service company you are using now call or email. I can survey your safe deposit boxes at no charge and quote you the exact opening and repair charges. Remember I offer quantity pricing on opening & key duplication. I have over 38 years of experience in safe & vault work.

Call or email today.

414.803.4043 or rick.warner@warnersafe.com

Safe deposit box drillings start at $90.00 each.
Depending on your door and lock, the cost maybe higher.

Contact Rick Warner at 414-803-4043 or rick.warner@warnersafe.com
When I finish you have a good door, lock & two customer keys. Quaintly pricing for multiple box drillings, ask about it. 

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4811 w. Woolworth ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53218

Warner Safe Lock is the SSE security equipment dealer in southeast Wisconsin. We quote new installations and replacement equipment.

We can build that special size TL-15 safe for your custom installation. We have TL-30 safes.

Call or email for a comprehensive quote.

​414-803-4043 or rick.warner@warnersafe.com

 rick.warner@warnersafe.com   414.803.4043

We are proud to be a member of ALOA  &  FSPA

 I have hundreds of safe deposit locks on hand.

Warner’s bank lock service consist of one complete safe deposit box opening. lock repair/replacement, door repaired as necessary and two new customer keys supplied.

We try to perform this service with in one service call if possible. I have included the most common safe deposit locks in our geographic area. Please see the lock ID page.

I offer a mail in service, using the USPO. Mail me your keys to be duplicated. Locks to have keys made, or orders for new locks. I can key locks to your bank guard. Turn around time 1-2 weeks, or I can drop off for a small charge.

If you do not recognize your locks please take a picture and email to me at


Mail to:

Warner Safe Lock

P.O. Box 131

Butler, WI 53007