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Bank Lock Service

 Warner Safe / Financial Equipment Systems 

 New Berlin, WI



Service/Installation associates needed:
Bank Lock Service / Warner Safe is looking for individuals with experienced in financial equipment service & installation, locksmith & safe servicing. Bank Lock Service / Warner Safe sells, installs and services a full line of financial equipment (electronic & mechanical).  If you’re looking for challenging work or work for an existing bank equipment company. Please send resume to Bank Lock Service / Warner Safe  P.O. Box 131 Butler WI. 53007. 

 email to 2018 we celebrate our 40th year of service.

Bank Lock Service / Warner Safe is making changes & moving to a larger facility in New Berlin WI. 

Easy friendly work place. Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you. 

All information is confidential.  

 Need large quantity of replacement locks, call or email for special pricing.                      414-803-4043   414.803.4043

Korden teller replacement locks

​ 40thyear of service to financial institutions in Wisconsin & mid-west. Warner a name you can trust.

1978 - 2018

Korden teller cabinet replacement locks

At Bank Lock Service we supply Korden replacement teller pedestal locks. Since Korden has decided to not support any older equipment, here at Bank lock Service we offer a variety of teller pedestal manufacture replacement locks. Our Korden replacement lock is BLS-KC74T at the cost of $15.99 each plus USPS shipping charges. We carry a variety of key numbers to help prevent duplication between equipment. Order ships in 2-4 days with stock on hand. Special orders no problem. Orders can be placed on Pay-Pal at, or Banks & Credit Unions send P.O. to or Bank Lock Service P.O. Box 131 Butler, WI 53007. Thank you, Rick Warner Bank Lock Service/Warner Safe

We are proud to be a member of ALOA  &  FSPA

Korden replacement teller cabinet & cash locker locks

Financial Equipment Systems. 40 years of service.

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Mail to:

Bank Lock Service

Warner Safe / Financial Equipment Systems

P.O. Box 131

Butler, WI 53007

Locksmithing Product & Services

    • ​​Master key systems
      • High security keys
    • Electronic & manual locks, single & multi-code
      • ​Safe doors & lockers
      • security teller & vault room door
    • Electric strikes & magnetic locks
      • ​Surface & mortise mounted
      • Multi-voltage operated
    • Door hardware
      • Panic bars, manual & electric operated
      • Door closers, manual & electric operated   
      • Lever & paddle release handles
      • Deadbolt & latch locks, serviced & installed  

Bank Lock Service Warner Safe Financial Equipment Systems your smart choice for

Bank Equipment & Sales Service


Bank Lock Service

Warner Safe

Financial Equipment Systems



Financial Equipment Systems

  • ​​Vault doors & modular vaults
    • ​Rectangular & round vault doors
    • Custom vault sizes, class 1,2,3,m
  • Safe deposit box nests
    • 3x5, 5x5,3x10,5x10,10x10 & large lockers
  • Night depositories 
    • UL deposit head, envelope & bag drop
    • Standard & custom size deposit safe, TL-15 & TL-30
  • Cash Safe TL-15, TL-30, TL-30x6
    • Standard & custom sizes
    • Standard & custom interiors
  • Drive up deal drawers​
    • Audio systems
    • Drawer heaters
  • Drive up windows
    • standard sizes 3x5, 3x10, 3x15, custom upon request
  • Drive up tube systems
    • Up send & down send
    • New installations & replacements systems

Financial equipment services

  • Vault door service
    • Cleaning & polishing
  • Safe deposit box service
    • ​Opening & repair
    • Replacement locks
    • Guard key matching
    • Cleaning & polishing
  • Lock & time clock service
    • ​Three & four tumbler lock service
    • Combination changes
    • Time lock movement service, cleaning & repair
  • Drive up equipment service
    • ​Replacement parts & repair
    • Cleaning & polishing
  • Night deposit service
    • Remove jamb from deposit head
    • ​Clean & polish deposit head